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Where Do You Put Fear?

Today I am reading Linchpin by Seth Godin and I came across an interesting passage that compelled me to stop and write. As I mentioned in my earlier post (rethinking personal development) whenever I stumble upon something that strikes me I stop and put the lesson into action.

This section was short but posed a great question that I never really though about until now.

Where do you put the fear?

After reading this section I spent time thinking back to all the situations that have paralyzed me into not taking action. Such as: not approaching strangers, not taking risky opportunities, not challenging myself, agreeing when I don’t agree, etc.

I found that in those situations I put the fear right in front of me and let it stop me dead in my tracks.

Next time you find yourself in a situation you are afraid of…try to stop, recognize the fear and put the fear behind you. I can’t give you a guaranteed method for doing this because everyone has a different approach to facing fear. My approach will be to recognize that I am afraid and consciously take action in spite of the fear. I will keep a record of all these moments to evaluate if I am facing my fear and putting it in it’s place. I’ll call it my fear journal. Feel free to try the same and if you have any suggestions feel free to email me at

Nihil Timendum Est

- Aaron Madonna