Aaron Madonna is an entrepreneur and a writer. He is the co-founder of LifeSoap Company, an organic bath/beauty company that donates 10% from every sale to clean water projects in developing countries. LifeSoap has funded 11 clean water projects at nine schools in Nicaragua.


LifeSoap has been featured in Oprah Magazine, Self Magazine, NBC News, Foam Magazine, 5280 Magazine and many more blogs. His work with LifeSoap also earned him the Distinguished Graduate of the Last Decade, award from Colorado State University.


He is the co-author of Help IDK What I Want to Do With My Life, which is designed to propel young adults through what has become known as the quarter-life crisis. This phenomenon is characterized by the overwhelming uncertainty, anxiety and disappointment many 20-somethings feel in trying to “find their way in the real world.”

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